Damsel in Distress
Im good but Im no angel
I do sin but Im not the devil
Im pretty but Im not beautiful
I am just a small girl in a big world
trying to find someone to love <3

Blog of the Week
Hehe. Xempre ako ang photographer wala nanaman ako :/ tupad2 din pag my tiiiime! :) #sunday
My crazy lovable boyfie&#8230; Lez be super happy while r love last :) thank u for being mine now.. I hope u will be mine always :) (Taken with GifBoom)
I just love this picture with my fam :))) captured r most wonderful moments :&#8221;)

 when can i ever dance with you?

when can i ever lay with you under a starry night?

when can i ever kiss you in the rain?

am i special?

maybe.. coz im ur present lover..

but an ordinary girl..

typical girlfriend..

when can you tell me how special and different i am with your past?

coz it bothers me that i am one of them..

am i gonna be one of your ex’s too?

it’l gonna be my greatest nightmare

i hope not..

i love you..

i know you love me too..

but until when?

how deep?

how far?

#you #love #me

we have something for a purpose

and dont have something for a reason

.. everyone is unique..

different situations

different routes

and life..

we just have to be positive and have faith in God and everythings gonna be alright :)

#today #life #livelaughlove

your my happiness and sadness


i wanna do this :&gt;

promises are made to be fucking broken.. so why promise? bushet

Remembering this flowers &#8230; Ahhhhh ..Its been half a year already.. Happy 6th monthsary lobs :)) #9 #halfyear #friday #labs.    Ps.. Naa jud nawng ni jel ug jess ba&#160;! Hahaha